Saturday, June 23, 2012

CEO Club Sacramento/Marin/San Francisco/Carmel, world wide

Take a huge bite of fun and join the Sacramento CEO Club. Currently the club is located in my large but everyday Sacramento home/studio/apt. I do have a large extra room. If you can't deal with a couple of cats and two pug dogs, you're out of luck. When some money rolls in, I'll move pieces of the huge, museum quality collection into rented or leased space. We'll see... 

Hey, I channeled Harry Houdini and he is very supportive of my idea. My wife (with eyes blue like the Ellensburg agate) also channeled Houdini and now chains me up if I let her get the jump on me!

There are perks, one being exposure to brilliant artist, writer genius, Farrell Hamann. Or, you may want to avoid Hamann and just hang out in the space, which is a good place to bring a big client or bored CEO, a place with a high level of coolness. When the collection gets it's own "digs", it will be improved even more. There is no special plan at this moment. 

Silver Monument Sculpture, slightly akimbo at the moment (It's modular) 
Hamann Creative Art/Writing Genius on Tap
In the foreground, sitting on a 24 inch dia. piece of plywood, large lighted sphere sculpture. The lighted sphere on the floor is smaller. My normal size adult daughter fits nicely inside this sphere. Hah, If "we" put the club in an airport hanger, this will help the pilot taxi up to the correct hanger. It is very cool. 300 watt quartz lamp. You CEO could park their plane in the hanger, that would be helpful and you could give them a bit of fun and they could save time. If the club was an aviation destination it itself, that could bring business your way, creating good will at the same time. Much of the Museum Collection is very kid friendly. We could set up a catering outfit or let event planners handle details. 

Naturally, and typical of artist and writers, I'm going to need to tap into your financial resources to get the club going. Some security, second hand furniture, and a few amenities should do it. The hanger suggestion has lots of juice, picture your client flying in for a meeting or recreational flying and visiting YOUR CLUB because it is useful and/or very cool. Nice!  Also, I can help with writing and have a supremely broad background and life experience. (Lived in Paris and NYC, Alaska, Santa Barbara, grew up in a think tank environment, more. I was thinking for now, if someone wants to view collection and hang out for a while (like I said, I do have a large, mostly empty room right here, now, if you need one)  I'd ask your to part with $500 and help with details for meetings, etc. or back off.

Farrell Hamann on the tiny patio by the hibiscus 

The entire art collection, including every single piece, is going for $2,000,000. This includes painting, the famous mosaic egg collection, the castle collection, all sculpture, etc. You may not want all of this in which case, I will deal. The "club" could be installed anywhere, NYC, Marin County, wherever you like. It is kid friendly and a good attractant. Part of the collection made it's own, stand alone little museum in the past (only included very special mosaic work)  Ask.

I'll give you my email. If you're not crazy or a huge time waster, I'll send you my phone number (land line only)

Some quotes: "Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum, "A world of visual gems" The Sacramento Bee, "Beautiful" Oprah Winfrey, "Fascinating mosaic eggs" The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Work has been featured on television and in the print media many times. Artist has work in the White House collection, etc. Had a Writer's File with The Tonight Show. Makes funny videos, writes and spends too much time on Twitter ( @farrellhamann ) Youtube Channel with comedy, cute pets, and art tours is: farrellhamann

25 room hand carved palace (see, I'm not kidding here)

Interior detail of a different castle. Also very large

Famous Mosaic Eggs. Has generated a lots of TV traffic in Sacto and Santa Barbara. Naturally, media attention is worth a lot and this can generate it ever year at no cost to you. 

Detail of Lion Tower, another large piece (I can barely lift this piece)

My very popular old Twitter avatar

Part of the Monument Series, the carved ball on this one is loose) See the huge carved sphere in the background? Big!

If someone wants to partner on the club project, let me know. Not looking for a crab ass or a sneaky person. If you have too many doubts, you're not the one I'm looking for...

Chateau on Rock sculpture

Purging "sin" from Devil Cat. 

Bitey Cats, Cupcakes, and Candles
My big time ad agency friend thinks Bitey is a cooler logo that a famous, well promoted cat done by a famous French outfit whose name I can't remember. 

Lush spring vegetation along the famous American River Parkway in Sacramento, CA
Sacto does have its amenities. This is one of America's primer bicycle, horse paths (if not too hot) and offers the thrill of a possible encounter with a wild mountain lion (cougar) 

 Detail pic of Camel Mosaic. Actually there are 2 camels. Entire piece is approx. 2 ft. X 5 ft.

Artist/Writer/Genius with Creampuff the Jaguar (sold) 

Bozo is a feature in one of my short stories (California Bird Due) on Blogger. He's sitting on a cell phone tower. I added this simply for your amusement. Don't let the pigeon  look you directly in the eye, it makes you stupid!  

If you're a rebel or pirate (note the black hand and Jolly Roger above) the CEO Club will probably be right for you with the added incentive of having an authentic genius available on tap. Sorry, this site require that I not be humble. 

I just think this is funny but, truthfully, I have read many books like this cover to cover. My "dad" said once that he wished he had the time to read popular social history. I like to say that a book like this is much more interesting than, say, Newt Gingrich. 

I'll skip including some of my jokes from my Tonight Show writer's file here for now. I do have some zingers. 

An old, cropped, image from my past. 12 mosaic panels totaling approx. 48 square feet. I have the panels at my place. The look really good mounted. This is not a big deal, for my old public place, I just hired a couple of cabinet makers to install this large piece and do a few other things. Everything got done in one day. Instant tourist attraction!

Popular photo of artist wearing his socks, hat, and palm frond
Kind of wish I shaved for this and looked a bit let jowly in the pic. 

Again: EMAIL:

Thanks for your visit. Please visit YouTube Channel: farrellhamann
and don't be nervous about contacting me, I don't bite. Muhahahahaha

May you not be very hungry and drop your last bran muffin in the camel's pen

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